Ben Resnik

Narrative Strategy + Political Tech


Hi, I'm Ben. I'm an independent consultant specializing in program management, org-building, and narrative strategy in the political technology / digital space.Less fancily put, my mission is to do interesting work, with purpose-driven organizations, alongside sharp and caring people.Here are some other projects I've worked on:
Digital Innovation Fund @ Cooperative Impact Lab |
Main Street One | | If.Then.Fund | DSPolitical | It Starts Today | Swing Left
And here are some things I've written (on politics, civic engagement, and
other random stuff):
Resistance groups rejected the Democratic party model in 2018 — and won. Here’s why. (Think Progress)
Why the Technology Short Game is No Way to Win (Campaigns & Elections)
Let's Actually Compare Trump to Hitler


You can get in touch on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email at